Monday, January 23, 2006

In praise of Chuck E. Cheese

For the boys, Sunday was a bit of an emotional roller coaster. The night before Jack arranged a play date with his best friend, Isaac and his sister, Max's friend Eden. When we went to bed that night, he informed me that it was only 12 hours and 20 minute until Isaac would come over. First thing Sunday morning, I informed them that it was only two and a half hours until the playdate. Only Christmas morning elicits such as quick shift from sleep to action. As I made the cinnamon rolls, I was asked alternately, "How long until the cinnamon rolls are ready?" and "How long until Isaac and Eden come?"

Halfway through the pan of cinnamon rolls, the phone rang. Daddy intuition knew it couldn't be good. And it wasn't. Isaac and Eden were queasy and would not be coming over. Jack was speechless. Max was befuddled.

One solution quickly popped in to Meegan's mind: a trip to Target Chuck E. Cheese.

While Jack slowly warmed up to the idea, Max lept with glee, "We're going to Chuck E. Cheese! We're going to Chuck E. Cheese!"

The place was packed. I counted no fewer than six birthday parties. (I later learned that they even turn people away on some weekends.) No matter, the kids didn't care. They played a few video games, had a slice of pizza, and ran around 'til they were drenched in sweat. Despite the crowds, the kids were safe and the only tears were when we had to leave.